Economic Refill Aloe Vera Gel 99% Pure Fresh Aloe Juice from Canary 250 ML 100% Natural

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This product is perfect for users across the age spectrum. Everyone from young children to the elderly can see benefits from this aloe. This makes it an especially good choice for families, who may all use the same product. If anything, it helps streamline your medicine cabinet!

Ingredients – Aloe Barbadensis Fresh Leaf Juice, Chondrus crispus -Seaweed (sea plant-based thickener), Potassium sorbate (food-grade preservative), Tocopherol – Vitamin E.Though 100% purity is not possible, nothing less than 99% should satisfy you. Why is 100 % not possible? Because preservatives (food grade), thickeners ( seaweed) are added to pure aloe vera gel to improve its shelf life and texture.
Aloe Vera, this little wonder plant is an absolute must-have in any first aid kit and skincare routine.
In addition to soothing irritated skin, Aloe gel is an effective treatment for acne, psoriasis, and dandruff. It’s also great for insect bites and rashes.
This gel has a thin consistency, which means it’s absorbed quickly by the skin. You won’t have any tacky, sticky residue to deal with after application. That means you can use it before bed or in hot weather without dealing with any mess.
biOty garden Aloe Vera Gel works great as a conditioner for hair, acne treatment, and hair growth treatment.