Garden Innovations BTWS/S/3/F3 Weather Controlled Watering Spikes and 500ml Flasks (Pack of 3)

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✔Self-watering spikes & globes for indoor and outdoor plants – water will last 2 5 weeks indoors, 2 – 3 weeks outdoors in semi shade, and 2 weeks outdoors in full sun (based on 2 litres)
✔Weather/ temperature Controls the water flow – automatically the warmer the weather – the faster it drips – the cooler the weather – the slower it drips…
✔Perfectly watered straight to the roots. Never over or under watered. All the water goes straight where it’s needed – none is wasted. Healthier than soaking the plants from the surface
✔3 x attractive green globes – discreet & decorative 1.25 litre flasks give you over 1 week of water. The green blends in well with all plant types and has an attractive glass effect look and feel.
✔Fill it & then leave it – save water, time, & effort -only Refill every few weeks, perfect hard to reach plant locations or those who prefer to sit back and relax rather than carry a watering can!