Innovation 90140H Jazz/Orchestra Honey Double Bass Set Solid Core Medium Tension, Chrome Tape Wound Set

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INNOVATION double bass strings are a major development for double bass players of all musical persuasions. They meet every requirement, having sufficient lift or edge to the note when playing pizzicato and exciting articulation when bowing. The unique non-metallic core holds its pitch and is virtually unaffected by climatic changes. The two main ses ‘140H’ and ‘140B’ give ‘Gut’ quality with the reliability and long life of metal cored strings and will enhance any double bass. Your initial impression on playing either set will be the ease of sound production and articulation both for pizzicato and arco. These qualities, when using set ‘140B’ are particularly beneficial on older instruments that began life fitted with gut strings and will now benefit from the ‘Greater Gut’ quality of this set. A ‘Solo’ set is available along with set ‘140H’ in half, quarter and eighth sizes. Whilst both of our sets are suitable for jazz and orchestral playing, as a guide when choosing your first set of INNOVATION strings we would suggest the ‘140H’ for jazz and the ‘140B’ for orchestral playing, the ‘140H’ having the brighter sound. 1999 saw the introduction of our ‘Rock a Billy’ set and since then our range has expanded to cover all styles of double bass playing including Bluegrass and Psycho Billy etc.