Organic Kombucha Scoby – Live Culture by Dpnamron

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KOMBUCHAORGANIC We supply nutritionists, labs, restaurants, health spa’s and commercial breweries as our scobies are regarded as the best in the UK. If you have ever tried ready made kombucha chances are you have tried kombucha made with one of our scobies. All scobies are individually hand grown with Love. we offer full support and comprehensive instructions. Unlike other sellers we can be contacted by email and are happy to help get you brewing. Effervescent and surprisingly pleasant to the taste buds, enjoy this wonderful energy booster day or night and feel revitalised and refreshed today. Kombucha is similar to Kefir in that it creates a probiotic drink and reproduces itself in a similar manner. Many people call Kombucha a fungus or mushroom however it is not. It is classed as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) and it lives on sugary tea. With every brew a new baby is formed so if well cared for your Scoby will give you Kombucha for life. Kombucha has a distinct crisp/tarte/slightly sour flavour to it and this flavour can be altered and adjusted by altering the brewing time and the ingredients used. A shorter brewing time makes a sparkling, crisp and fruity tea drink while a longer brew time makes a drink similar to apple cider vinegar (but loaded with goodness!).Please note the product picture is for illustration purposes only with regards to the shape of the scoby. As scobies grow naturally we cannot guarantee the exact shape of the scoby, whilst the vast majority of scobies are round they can be square, rectangular, hexagonal and wedged. The shape of the mother scoby bears no relation to the power or quality of the scoby or how it brews. If you would prefer a round scoby then please do let us know and we will ensure it is round.Organic Kombucha from the best brand KOMBUCHAORGANIC
Grown using Organic ingredients that are fully certified
Grown by the UK’s biggest supplier of live cultures, we supply commercially and domestically and there is a reason that most kombucha breweries choose our scobies. Because they make the best Kombucha
Hand grown naturally, sealed in professional food grade and heat sealed pouch with starter tea