UHF READER/WRITER adn UHF tag with frequency860-960Mhz long range reading for variety application such inventory management (40pcs UHF tags)

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UHF alien 9662 tag stickers with frequency860-960Mhz long range reading complie with protocl EPC global C1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C which can be for variety application


memory:512Bits Size:73*23mm
protol:ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class
Reading distance:1-8m depend on your reader and antenna.
Material: coated paper

Pharmaceutical supply chain management
Rental and library management
Container identification
Pallet and caseAlien 9662 tag stickers x 40pcs
complie with the protocol of EPC global C1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C
1-8m reading distance depends on the reader device.
Application:Inventory management,vehicle tracking management